Hacking C# Application: An Unfriendly Territory

When I first entered the security world as a .NET and C# hacker it was an unfriendly territory, as .NET was a blackSheep in the hacking world. The current world of hacking is warming up(a bit) to the .NET hacker. Tools and skills are becoming more prevalent, targets and value are everywhere, the need for .NET security is prevalent.

This presentation gives the .NET hacker current hacking tools and show a path for developing hacking under the .NET Framework. This presentation focuses on the world of the .NET hacker and not programming: Learn basic hacker tools for leveraging a networkBreach to Infect and take over a critical system/application. See what a hacker sees when they look at an application, how one crack in the security landscape can give full access to a hacker. Learn how combining Java, Pascal, and Raw-Machine-Code into your application has value. This will be different from a normal hacking 101 as it is focused completely on the .NET Framework for the average developer. A second speech will focus on the code and process that one uses to do .NET hacking.

Video producer: http://www.ndcoslo.com/

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