Maintaining a SQL Server Database – Maintenance Plans

This video shows you how to create a maintenance plan in SQL Server 2005 to backup and maintain your database. It also shows you how to use choose the right recovery model.

Misconception: Microsoft Silverlight Competes with AIR

So here you have it, another misconception finally cleared. According to Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s CTO, Microsoft Silverlight is more a competitor of Flash than AIR, Adobe’s desktop runtime for web applications. As competition goes, interestingly, Lynch sees

Walkthrough of the Silverlight 2 control unit tests

This video introduces the control source and unit test announcement from MIX, and then walk you through: * exploring the Silverlight 2 Beta 1 control source code, unit test and unit test framework download * using Visual

Silverlight and .Net Framework with Brad Abrams,

Brad Abrams, Program Manager on the .NET Framework team at Microsoft discusses Silverlight and the .NET Framework.

Leveraging Unit Tests As Functional Tests, Load Tests, and Service Monitors

Frank Cohen will demonstrate the new PushToTest TestMaker Version 5 open- source end-to-end service governance and test automation tool. Software developers use PushToTest to turn their unit tests into functional tests in a test automation platform that