NHibernate Archive

Learning to use Fluent NHibernate: Getting started with your first mappings

This episode starts a short series on how to use the FluentNHibernate library to create you NHibernate mapping files. We will walk you though creating very simple mappings and showing you how they work when using FluentNhibernate.

Introduction to S#arp Architecture

In this episode we will give you an introduction to the S#arp Architecture for the ASP.NET MVC Framework.  This is a solid architectural foundation for rapidly building maintainable web applications leveraging the ASP.NET MVC framework with NHibernate.

Introduction to NHibernate: Intermediate NHibernate Usage (Part 6)

In the 7th and final episode of this series, you’ll see some code examples of working with collections of related objects and how lazy loading and cascade operations work from a code perspective. We’ll also discuss object

Introduction to NHibernate: Collection Relationships (Part 5)

In this episode we will continued our dive into how to use NHibernate. We’ll discuss some of the types of collections (bag, set, and list), some of the features NHibernate offers for loading, sorting, and pre-filtering collection

Introduction to NHibernate: More Basic Usages (Part 4)

This episode continues taking a look at various load/fetch strategies that NHibernate offers. http://www.dimecasts.net/Casts/CastDetails/57