The Joys and Pains of a Long Lived Codebase

Agile development practices and good Object Oriented Design principles are supposed to enable unending, gentle modification of an existing codebase. Is this really true, though? In the course of 5+ years developing and evolving an open source framework, I’ve learned a lot of painful lessons about the issues that retard code extensions and modifications. I’ve […]

Refactoring Unit Tests Part 2 Using Object Builder Pattern

In this screencast we will demonstrate how to use the Object Builder pattern to create and setup objects for tests. In the first part we discussed how to introduce the base class for the unit tests to improve readability and cleanness of code.

Refactoring Unit Tests Part 1

In this screencast we will refactor unit tests to make it more readable. It is very important that you refactor your unit tests. Unit test code is not part of the production but refactoring them can help you in the long run and will provide benefits when maintaining the application.

Ben Hall – Red, Green, Refactor

Starting to unit test your first project is difficult, where to start? What to test? How do you even get started? In this session, Ben starts from scratch and implements an 2.0 application using test driven development techniques. The application will have to deal with real world situations such as databases, web services and […]