Patterns for High-Performance C#

This presentation explorex techniques and code patterns for creating a high-performance C# code, from analysis to actual optimization. We explains how to recognize when optimizations are needed, where the bottlenecks typically are and the code patterns that

ASP.NET Core One Hour Makeover

The “out of the box” template for ASP.NET has some lowest common denominator / simplicity trade-offs that make it easy to understand and work with in a variety of scenarios, but there are lots of performance and

Re-platforming Legacy .NET Applications to Cloud Foundry

Legacy .NET applications adhere to different patterns from modern applications. Decomposing those to 12 factor environment is time-consuming, error-prone and often manual. This presentation demonstrates strategies, frameworks, libraries, tools and techniques applied to re-platform these applications on

Blazor .NET Single Page Application Framework

Today, nearly all browser-based apps are written in JavaScript (or similar languages that transpile to it). That’s fine, but there’s no good reason to limit our industry to basically one language when so many powerful and mature

Lessons Learned Porting MVVM Light to .NET Standard

.NET Standard is the new way to create portable assemblies. .NET Standard solves the code sharing problem for .NET developers across all platforms by bringing all the APIs that you expect and love across the environments that