.NET Data Security

Not encrypting your data is a risky move and just relying on hope that you wont get hacked and compromised is not a strategy. As a .NET software developer you have a duty to your employer to

A .NET Developers Guide for Better DevOps

DevOps is all about bringing the .NET developers and operations together so that they are working as a team in the best interests of the product rather than themselves. Let’s talk about the main goals you want

ASP.NET Core 1.0 & Docker

Containers, while not a new technology, are still the cool new thing in the Microsoft and .NET world. But as with all technologies like Docker, there are some rough edges and things to be wary of. This

The Future of Visual Studio

This session will illustrate how Visual Studio is evolving demo by demo. It presents the latest capabilities to enable any developer to build any apps.

Mastering ReSharper

Unless you have a great toolset, it is certainly not easy to write quality code quickly. One of those tools is ReSharper, a tool created by JetBrains that extends Visual Studio with over 1700 on-the-fly code inspections