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Working with MSBuild

Learn how to use MSBuild in different tasks. The Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) is the build platform for Microsoft and Visual Studio. MSBuild is completely transparent with regards to how it processes and builds software, enabling developers

Community TFS Build Manager – Build Notes

This video shows you how to automate build Notes! Build Notes is a feature of the Community TFS Build Manager that that helps you automate much of the release note creation process by allowing you to generate

How to Troubleshoot Build Server Failure Visual Studio 2010

This video presents how to troubleshoot build server failure in Visual Studio 2010. Before looking for a solution it is important to understand the problem. If the error messages in the build logs don’t seem to help,

Inside Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Steve Andrews discusses Microsoft’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) which delivers source control, work item tracking, Team Foundation Build, a team project portal Web site, reporting, and project management capabilities.

Using Rake to Build, Run Unit Tests and Create Documentation

This screencast demonstrates how to use Rake to build .NET solution, run unit tests and build documentation. Rake with Ruby is a perfect combination which will eliminate Nant and MSBuild hell.