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Twitter Bootstrap and ASP.NET MVC

If you open Visual Studio 2013 and click “File > New Project > ASP.NET MVC”, you will notice that Twitter Bootstrap is now built in to the program. This video walks you through what that means, how

Using Require.js in ASP.NET MVC Applications

Learn the basics of using require.js as a JavaScript module system and many of the reasons why such a framework is needed in JavaScript. It will dive into how to integrate require.js into an ASP.NET MVC application


Creating ReST architectures with ASP.NET MVC is more than just decorating actions with verbs. It’s about leveraging HTTP as an application protocol to its full potential. In doing so, we can create robust and scalable applications, not

ASP.NET MVC and jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a JavaScript framework for building touch-optimized sites targeting smartphone and tablet devices. This session takes an existing ASP.NET MVC application and shows how to improve the mobile experience using jQuery Mobile. You will learn

Managing Links and URLs with T4MVC

To help tame large applications and organize site functionality, ASP.NET MVC 2 introduced the concept of areas. Areas allow you to segregate controllers, models, and views into different physical locations, with the area-specific pieces in a single