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TDD: Where Did it All Go Wrong?

Since Kent Beck wrote the book on Test-Driven Development (TDD) in 2002 a lot of words have been dedicated to the subject. But many of them propagated misunderstandings of Kent’s original rules so that TDD practice bears

Fast .NET Development using Dependency Injection, Code First EF, and SOLID Design

Creating robust decoupled programs using C# and Visual Studio 2012 has never been easier. The biggest problem is getting an overview that mere mortals can understand. The next problem is getting practical example code that can be

Visual Studio 2013 Test Explorer Improvements for Unit Testing

Developer testing is a crucial part of modern application development. The Test Explorer in Visual Studio 2013 has been designed to let you focus on code and maintain fast test cycle times. In this video, we’ll show

Unit Testing and Thin Aspects

The benefits of unit testing are numerous. When aspects are involved, Matt Groves believes keeping them “thin” is key to keeping your code easy to unit test and he explores some of the implications of unit testing

Dealing With Singletons in .NET Unit Testing

This video discusses singletons, and when to use them.The Singleton is a well-known pattern in software. It’s got a lot of bad reputation too, since it makes testing more difficult. It has even come to being called