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Around the Windows Phone 8.1 Development Platform

Windows Phone 8.1 is out, and the stand-out new feature is convergence of the Windows and Windows Phone platform, making it easy to build universal apps that run on both platforms. But that’s not all! There are

Developing Windows Phone Applications That Run Also on Windows 8

Learn how to plan developing applications for Windows Phone that will run on Windows 8 as well with a minimum amount of code modifications. By separating the UI from the program logic by making use of a

Windows Phone 8: Application Model

Windows Phone 8 dramatically expands the ways in which developers can build applications and games, by adding several new programming models, and also expanding the application model to support a broader set of developer scenarios. This talk

Developing Apps for Windows 8 Phone

Want to develop your apps for mobile devices? You’ll need to install the right tools to get the job done. Visual Studio 2012 offers a powerful development environment to build great apps quickly. There are valuable 3rd

Building Highly Successful Windows Phone Apps

Standing out in the Windows Phone marketplace is getting more and more difficult, but still achievable with high quality apps. The OS delivers a different look and feel compared to other platforms and as a results users