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Using Functional Programming Techniques in .NET

Today’s major .NET languages allow developers to use functional programming techniques that can reach far outside the realm of traditional imperative and object-oriented programming.

Concurrent Applications with F# Agents

To build today’s responsive and scalable applications, developers need to start leveraging asynchronous programming methods. During this talk, we’ll explore how developers can easily use the F# agent-based programming model, which is based upon the actor concurrency

Discovering Type Providers in F# 3.0

Have you ever needed to access a data source in your application? Trick question! Are there developers who would answer no to that question? Of course not! Learn how quick and easy data access can be with

Using F# 3.0 for Data, Services, Web & Cloud

Modern programming thrives on rich spaces of data, information, and services. F# 3.0, to ship in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, brings integrated support for Information Rich Programming to the .NET platform.

Thinking in Functional Style using F# and C#

Functional Programming has been around for a while, but it is gaining popularity, especially due to direct support in languages on the JVM and the CLR. Writing code in functional style is not about syntax. It is