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Server Side Programming with ASP.NET and Visual Basic

Tutorial of the basics of server side programming with Visual Studio Web Developer – Express Edition and ASP.NET and Visual Basic. The tutorial goes into submitting a form, utilizing variables on that form, setting session variable, and

Using the Windows Runtime from C# and Visual Basic

C#, Visual Basic and the .NET tools have first-class support for the Windows Runtime. Learn about this integration and how to use C# and Visual Basic to write Metro style apps that call the Windows Runtime and

C# and Visual Basic Future: Async Made Simple

This video describes the language innovations for the next version of Microsoft Visual Studio. See how the async language feature and new Microsoft .NET Framework APIs will come together to simplify asynchronous programming. No more callbacks! This

How We Do Language Design at Microsoft

Hear from the C#,Visual Basic,and F# language designers themselves,about how we create the .NET Framework languages at Microsoft. Where do we get ideas? How do we incorporate new paradigms without breaking the existing languages? Where will we

C# and Visual Basic Compared

Visual Basic IDE Program Manager, Dustin Campbell, speaks with Peter Golde and Ted Neward about the relationship between C# and Visual Basic (VB).