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Executable Specifications in .NET with Storyteller

Storyteller is an open source software testing tool to create robust, human readable acceptance tests for .NET or CoreCLR applications and a means to create “living” technical documentation. You can use Storyteller to create detailed executable specifications.

Refactoring T-SQL with Windowing Functions

You’ve been querying comparative numbers like Year To Date and Same Period Last Year by using tedious CTEs and subqueries. Beginning with SQL Server 2012, getting these numbers is easier than ever! Watch a 30-minute T-SQL tune-up

Implementing Scrum using Team Foundation Server 2012

This video guides you through what’s new in Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012, changes in the Visual Studio Scrum template, how to use the new Agile project management tools and many other best practices.

Lean Development with TFServices

This presentation explores TFServices offering, features and possibilities how to engage full potential of cloud based collaboration platform made by Microsoft. It looks at project planning features found in TFServices. Team definition, project and sprint iteration planning

Branch-per-Feature in the Realm of Agile and .NET Development

In .NET software development, old-school branch-per-feature meant that branches were large and long living to avoid having to integrate because it was a pain as the feature would diverge further and further from other features or the