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Build Apps with AngularJS on ASP.NET

Learn how to build end-to-end apps using AngularJS and BreezeJS on the ASP.NET platform. We explore how to manage multiple screens, maintain clean code with popular patterns, implement CRUD, perform robust HTML validation, and use local storage

AngularJS and ASP .NET MVC Quickstart

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that enables provides features such as two-way databinding and templating. It enables you to build awesomely responsive user interfaces while avoiding big-ball-of-mud JavaScript implementations. This session explains how to get started with

Windows Store Apps Showdown – C# vs JavaScript

Watch an intense live coding session where the same Windows Store App is created using two different languages, C# and JavaScript. It will be highlighting and comparing similarities and differences in a rather entertaining split personality type

Using Require.js in ASP.NET MVC Applications

Learn the basics of using require.js as a JavaScript module system and many of the reasons why such a framework is needed in JavaScript. It will dive into how to integrate require.js into an ASP.NET MVC application

NodeJS versus ASP. NET

You can’t have a conversation about web technologies these days without someone dropping a mention of NodeJS and web sockets. If you’re a .NET developer, someone will then reference SignalR with ASP.NET Web Pages or MVC. But