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Writing Node.js Apps for Windows Azure

Writing Node.js Apps for Windows Azure

Server-side JavaScript? On Windows Azure? Has hell frozen over? Come learn about how Azure is quickly turning into an open and lightweight cloud platform that supports a variety of runtimes: .NET, Java, PHP, and even Node.js!

Be among the first developers in the world to get a personal tour of the new Windows Azure, hot on the heels of Scott Guthrie’s “Meet Windows Azure” event in San Francisco. In this session we will show how to build exciting realtime apps in JavaScript, and how to run them in the cloud. We will take advantage of great Azure features such as storage, caches, and queues to make our app scale without a hitch. We will also share the team’s plans for future Azure improvements and give you a chance to voice your opinion.

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Video Producer: http://www.ndcoslo.com/