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Windows Store Apps Showdown – C# vs JavaScript

Watch an intense live coding session where the same Windows Store App is created using two different languages, C# and JavaScript. It will be highlighting and comparing similarities and differences in a rather entertaining split personality type

Win8 Apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services

Sure, you’ve realized the early mover advantage to being a Win8 developer, and you’ve built up your apps using the demo code (and your own brainpower), but now… You’re realizing that there’s a bunch of server side

Introduction to Windows 8 Store Apps

As you might have read somewhere, Windows 8 = Windows, re-imagined. Building applications for Windows 8 comes with a staggering amount of new possibilities, and in this session you’ll learn all about it.

Developing Windows Phone Applications That Run Also on Windows 8

Learn how to plan developing applications for Windows Phone that will run on Windows 8 as well with a minimum amount of code modifications. By separating the UI from the program logic by making use of a

Advanced Debugging with WinDbg and SOS

Visual Studio is an incredible debugger, but problems encountered in the production environment and exceptionally tough bugs still warrant the introduction of WinDbg and SOS in all their glory. In this session we’ll see how to dissect