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ASP.NET MVC vs Ruby on Rails – The .NET Rocks Smackdown

Shay Friedman’s comparison of ASP.NET MVC and Ruby on Rails gets redesigned for an NDC 2010 exclusive. Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell joins in and moderates a smackdown between the two leading web frameworks featuring Rob Conery,

Ruby for .NET developers

After having spent many years coding in C#, and after having spent equally as much time in the C# language culture, Ruby seemed like a lot of bad ideas and heresy. In fact, much of Ruby is

IronRuby for the .NET Developer – Part 1

Have you heard of Ruby? It’s an expressive, malleable, and fun language you can use in any Microsoft .NET-connected application. In this session we look at using IronRuby and the DLR to extend .NET-connected applications, test user

Using Dynamic Languages to Develop Microsoft Silverlight Applications

Learn how to use the Microsoft Visual Basic/C# DLR integration to test a statically-typed application with IronRuby. See how to develop a Silverlight application end-to-end with IronRuby, and how programming with dynamic languages helps improve the dev

Using Rake to Build, Run Unit Tests and Create Documentation

This screencast demonstrates how to use Rake to build .NET solution, run unit tests and build documentation. Rake with Ruby is a perfect combination which will eliminate Nant and MSBuild hell.