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SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio

This video provides an overview of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for Visual Studio, a fully integrated SQL Server development environment. It demonstrates also the capabilities of this tool such as importing T-SQL into your solution, IntelliSense,

Finding Wasted Memory in SQL Server

Is your SQL Server wasting memory? Learn how to identify when memory is going to waste, and track down in SQL Server whether it might be due to licensing, schema problems, fragmentation, or something else.

Working Around SQL Server Standard Edition Limits

64GB RAM, no partitioning, no AlwaysOn Availability Groups, no encryption – what’s a DBA to do? Brent Ozar gives you a few easy workarounds around SQL Server Standard Edition limits.

What Not To Architect in SQL Server

SQL Server database is great for a lot of uses, but not every application design pattern shows off SQL Server’s best side. Learn about the pitfalls of linked servers, replication, queues in the database, and more.

Index Fragmentation in SQL Server

Are you still rebuilding all of your SQL Server indexes every week, but you’re still having performance problems. Odds are, you’re not actually making things better: you’re making them worse! Learn about the 3 kinds of fragmentation,