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Xamarin Designer for Android in Visual Studio

Xamarin has launched the Xamarin Designer for Android that is now available for Visual Studio and MonoDevelop. The Designer allows to visually create beautiful layouts for Android applications from directly within Visual Studio and MonoDevelop.

.NET Deployement with Mono on Heroku

This video explains how to deploy a program written in C# on the Mono Framework to run .NET applications on Heroku. This demonstration uses a custom build pack and follows the same instructions posted on this blog:

Mono and Mobile

With both iPhone and Android platforms covered with Mono (MonoTouch and MonoDroid), this video discusses how Mono covers a whole range of other mobile topics such as Windows Phone 7 and HTML 5 and mobile websites. Watch

.NET on Android with MonoDroid

More than 250,000 Android devices are activated each day and over 100,000 applications are available for download via the Android Marketplace. With the recent announcement of the MonoDroid project by Novell, .Net developers now have the ability

Mono Edge

This talk will focus on the ongoing development efforts in Mono and explore what are the new challenges that the Mono project is tackling. Producer: FOSDEM