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Scaling Apps with DocumentDB, Azure NoSQL Database

iTunes App Store and an installment of one of the most successful gaming franchises in history both use Azure DocumentDB to ingest massive volumes of data and serve low latency queries to provide great user experiences. DocumentDB

Using MongoDB in .NET

Enterprises are choosing the MongoDB NoSQL database, with greater frequency. It’s a good time to get a grasp on how to talk to MongoDB from .NET. This talk walk syou through building a simple web application utilizing

Connecting to MongoDB with C#

This short video explains how to set up a connection to MongoDB with C#. MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database.

Frictionless Persistence in .NET with MongoDB

This video explores some of the concepts of document databases and stuff that’s general to NoSQL technologies. Then you will see how easy it is to get up to speed with MongoDB with examples on how to


Learn how industry leaders like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit use NoSQL-based technologies like MapReduce, BigTable, HBase, SimpleDB and Windows Azure Table Storage to read and write massive amounts of semi-structured data in real-time in order to surface