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Object Relational Mapping and (ORM), Entity Framework (EF), and M Programming Language

Ted Neward and Danny Simmons of the ADO.NET team discuss the Entity Framework, ORMs and OSLO

Inside “M” with the “Oslo” Team

David Langworthy and Jeff Pinkston introduce the what, why, and favorite features of “M” the new textual modeling language for .NET Developers.

“Oslo”: Repository and Models

“Oslo” is making news. We’re taking silos of proprietary, platform, and application data and opening it up for sharing. What gets shared? Deployment configuration, web services definitions, workflow definitions, and that’s just a start. Learn how to

“Oslo”: Building Textual DSLs

The “Oslo” modeling language can define schemas and transformations over arbitrary text formats. This session shows you how to build your own Domain Specific Language using the “Oslo” SDK and how to apply your DSL to create

The “Oslo” Modeling Language “M” Grammar

Language Architect, Paul Vick, discusses “M Grammar,” the “Oslo” modeling language in detail. Gain a 360 degree view of how “M” helps people create and use textual domain-specific languages and data models.