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From Windows Forms to WinRT

So you have a big investment in Windows Forms or WPF, but it is clear that the future of the Windows smart client is the Windows Runtime (WinRT). What strategies can you use to salvage at least

MVVM Applied: From Silverlight to Windows Phone to Windows 8

The Model-View-ViewModel pattern is a common denominator between applications using XAML to create the user interface. First applied in WPF, it was then easily ported to Silverlight and Windows Phone development. With WinRT and the Metro-style applications,

Rocking the Enterprise with Kinect

Can you image playing Kinect at Work? During the last few years, Kinect has gained a space as one of the most innovative technologies in the entertainment industry. However, Kinect has the potential of extending way beyond

ASP.NET MVC and jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a JavaScript framework for building touch-optimized sites targeting smartphone and tablet devices. This session takes an existing ASP.NET MVC application and shows how to improve the mobile experience using jQuery Mobile. You will learn

Building Metro style Apps with XAML: What .NET Developers Need to Know

If you are experienced with Microsoft .NET or Silverlight and are already familiar with XAML, this session teaches you everything you need to know to create a Metro style app for Windows 8. This session covers updates