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Connecting Applications with the Microsoft BizTalk Enterprise Service Bus Toolkit

See how the BizTalk Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Toolkit enables you to build services that can be quickly located and connected, whether they live behind the firewall or in the cloud, without creating a brittle point-to-point link.

Silverlight – Exposing SOAP, OData, and JSON Endpoints for RIA Services

This video demonstrates how to expose various endpoints from WCF RIA Services. This is a great explanation and walk through of how to open RIA Services domain services to clients.

Developing PHP and MySQL Applications with Windows Azure

Learn how to build rich, multi-tier applications in the cloud using PHP and MySQL, taking advantage of new Windows Azure features. This session will cover using PHP, MySQL, and memcached in Windows Azure.

Developing Custom Applications for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Using Microsoft ASP.NET, WCF, and REST

Many developers use services to build and integrate applications and line-of-business systems with SharePoint. With SharePoint 2010, developers now have a wider array of options that include ASP.NET, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and RESTful services. Come get

ADO.NET: RESTful Data Services

Data and Modeling Group Architect, Pablo Castro, discusses RESTful ADO.NET Data Services with Ted Neward