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Patterns for High-Performance C#

This presentation explorex techniques and code patterns for creating a high-performance C# code, from analysis to actual optimization. We explains how to recognize when optimizations are needed, where the bottlenecks typically are and the code patterns that

Concurrent and High-Performance Programming in .NET

Get a practical overview to programming responsive and highly concurrent / parallel applications using Task Parallel Library, Async/Await and Dataflow networks in .NET. These three new additions to .NET provide a new, and when understood, much easier

Optimizing ASP.NET Applications

This video dives deep into practical and real world examples and war stories of optimizing ASP.NET applications. See how to use features within IIS and ASP.NET to measure and adjust both new and existing web applications. We’ll

Improving Your ASP.NET Application Performance with Asynchcronous Pages and Parallel Extensions

Asynchronous pages and handlers can be used in ASP.NET to improve the performance of the application, especially the throughput, but wrongly used can lead to unexpected behavior, including a degraded performance. One of the key technologies that

Introduction to Caching in ASP.NET

This screencast introduces the concept of caching in ASP.NET applications. Video producer: