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Refactoring T-SQL with Windowing Functions

You’ve been querying comparative numbers like Year To Date and Same Period Last Year by using tedious CTEs and subqueries. Beginning with SQL Server 2012, getting these numbers is easier than ever! Watch a 30-minute T-SQL tune-up

Refactoring .NET Legacy Code Bases

Not everyone has the possibility of working on Greenfield projects or doing TDD or BDD. Many of us often end up having to work with legacy code bases that have little notion of what SOLID design principles

Refactoring Functionality into a Library

This video show how an existing application can be modified to move functionality into a separate assembly. Proper naming conventions will be discussed, as well as the ConfigureAwait method, which can be used to avoid unnecessary marshaling

How Do I Refactor my Code in Visual Studio?

These two videos show how to use the refactoring tools in Visual Studio. Video Part 1 Video Part 2

Eliminating Static Dependencies

Nature abhors a vacuum.  It turns out she also abhors static dependencies (I have my sources).  Static dependencies are the modern-day globals, often exposed through classes named “Helper”.  I’ve certainly been guilty of overusing static dependencies in