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Xamarin Designer for Android in Visual Studio

Xamarin has launched the Xamarin Designer for Android that is now available for Visual Studio and MonoDevelop. The Designer allows to visually create beautiful layouts for Android applications from directly within Visual Studio and MonoDevelop.

Introduction to jQuery and AJAX Web Forms

This video introduces the jQuery JavaScript Library and AJAX data submissions to an ASP.NET handler page. it covers some of the basics of jQuery’s architecture and usage; chaining, selecting, event binding, and posting data with AJAX through

HTML5 Sites and Metro Style Applications with HTML5

Learn how to build fast sites and applications for Windows 8. This video presents the basics of a Metro style applications using HTML5. This video is for you if you’ve played with angle brackets and CSS but

HTML5 for Silverlight Developers

You like working with Silverlight, .NET and Visual Studio, but then everybody is talking about HTML5. Why? What’s that thing? This video explains what HTML5, CSS3 and ECMAScript 5 are through the lens of a XAML and

An Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight 4 – Part 2

This Silverlight screencast shows you how to save your walking routes to disk and how to improve your application design using Expression Blend.