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.NET on Android with MonoDroid

More than 250,000 Android devices are activated each day and over 100,000 applications are available for download via the Android Marketplace. With the recent announcement of the MonoDroid project by Novell, .Net developers now have the ability

Mono Edge

This talk will focus on the ongoing development efforts in Mono and explore what are the new challenges that the Mono project is tackling. Producer: FOSDEM

Creating Custom Widgets with MonoDevelop

This screencast shows how to use MonoDevelop to create custom GTK# widgets and use those widgets in an application.

Learning C# and Mono by Doing

In 2007, the Oxford Supercomputing Centre received enough funding to put some infrastructure in place behind their clusters – but found a lack of adequate tools to manage it. This talk covers the progression from Perl-based prototyping

Building The Virtual Babel: Mono In Second Life

Second Life collaborative development environment is run on a grid of over 30,000 CPUs that simulate the land of Second Life. Since August 2008 Mono has been available as a scripting engine for running interactive content in