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DevOps with Visual Studio Team Services

DevOps is the union of people, process and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our users. Such continuous delivery is extraordinarily important in our world today, but it’s very difficult to do right. Learn how

Advanced RESTful Services with WCF

This video explains how to use the power and flexibility of .NET and WCF to surface feature-rich, REST-based services that virtually any application can consume easily and securely. It explores the advanced facets of RESTful services such

Mono and Mobile

With both iPhone and Android platforms covered with Mono (MonoTouch and MonoDroid), this video discusses how Mono covers a whole range of other mobile topics such as Windows Phone 7 and HTML 5 and mobile websites. Watch

New Developer Features in Windows Phone “Mango”

The next release of Windows Phone (codenamed “Mango”) marks a major step forward for developers. With the addition of features like multitasking, local tile updates, sockets, local databases, Silverlight?XNA integration, and more, developers will be able to

Application Design for Windows Phone

This video presents the foundations of great application design for Windows Phone and how to use them to build outstanding applications that will stand out and get noticed.