Architecting and Developing for Windows Phone

With Microsoft’s Silverlight technology it’s possible to rapidly design and develop Apps based on the .NET framework for the all new Windows Phone. Based on practical experience in architecting and developing some of the early showcase apps this code heavy talk will provide a real world deep dive into core software design concepts and patterns […]

Mono and Mobile

With both iPhone and Android platforms covered with Mono (MonoTouch and MonoDroid), this video discusses how Mono covers a whole range of other mobile topics such as Windows Phone 7 and HTML 5 and mobile websites. Watch this video on

New Developer Features in Windows Phone “Mango”

The next release of Windows Phone (codenamed “Mango”) marks a major step forward for developers. With the addition of features like multitasking, local tile updates, sockets, local databases, Silverlight?XNA integration, and more, developers will be able to build amazing new experiences for Windows Phone. This video covers the major new features coming in Mango with […]

Windows Phone 7: Learning How to Detect Themes

This video explores how the phone uses themes and styles. We will focus on how to determine which theme is being used as well as learning how to swap out our resource files which are used by our application based on the active theme. Knowing which theme is in use will allow your application to […]

Windows Phone Isolated Storage

In this episode we are going to take a look at store data in Isolated Storage on the phone. Storing data in Isolated Storage on the phone is critical because there is no sql database which can run on the phone at this point. In this episode we will look at how we can store […]

Windows Phone 7: Learning how to Handle Tombstoning

This video takes a look at how to handle tombstoning (when your application is not longer in focus, but is not shut down yet) in your Windows Phone 7 (WP7) application. When building out a WP7 application it is critical that your application can handle Tombstoning and rebuild itself as needed. This is to allow […]