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MVVM Applied: From Silverlight to Windows Phone to Windows 8

The Model-View-ViewModel pattern is a common denominator between applications using XAML to create the user interface. First applied in WPF, it was then easily ported to Silverlight and Windows Phone development. With WinRT and the Metro-style applications,

Windows Phone Background Workers

Get a deep dive on all options you have to do background processing in Windows Phone 7 Mango. With the release of Windows Phone 7 Mango, a lot of extra features were added to the platform. One

Architecting and Developing for Windows Phone

With Microsoft’s Silverlight technology it’s possible to rapidly design and develop Apps based on the .NET framework for the all new Windows Phone. Based on practical experience in architecting and developing some of the early showcase apps

Mono and Mobile

With both iPhone and Android platforms covered with Mono (MonoTouch and MonoDroid), this video discusses how Mono covers a whole range of other mobile topics such as Windows Phone 7 and HTML 5 and mobile websites. Watch

New Developer Features in Windows Phone “Mango”

The next release of Windows Phone (codenamed “Mango”) marks a major step forward for developers. With the addition of features like multitasking, local tile updates, sockets, local databases, Silverlight?XNA integration, and more, developers will be able to