.NET Unit Testing

Lear how unit testing in .NET is an important practice to improve software quality and team velocity from a unit testing and agile methodology veteran.

Moq Setup Arguments

This video explains how to use Setup parameters in the Returns of a mocked function using Moq. Moq (pronounced “Mock-you” or just “Mock”) is the only mocking library for .NET developed from scratch to take full advantage of .NET 3.5 (i.e. Linq expression trees) and C# 3.0 features (i.e. lambda expressions) that make it the […]

Learn Your Tools: NUnit

Sure you already do some flavor of unit testing. You use “x”Unit. But.. Do you know what the toolset can do for you? How can its features impact your style of testing and how your style of testing can be reflected on the use of features? Would you like to know how to extend the […]

Code Contracts and Pex: Power Charge Your Assertions and Unit Tests

This video shows how Code Contracts provides a set of tools for design-by-contract programming and how Pex is an advanced unit-testing tool that uses automated program exploration to intelligently create unit tests with high code coverage. See how they work together so that your code has fewer defects. Learn about new features for Code Contracts […]