Introduction to ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 is a landmark release in many ways. It’s full open source from the start, it’s cross-platform and supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It includes contributions from the community and is being developed in the

Onion Architecture Without the Tears

This talk explores techniques in avoiding spaghetti code including Onion Architecture and Dependency Injection, followed by how to effectively apply these principles to your persistence layer.

Build Apps with AngularJS on ASP.NET

Learn how to build end-to-end apps using AngularJS and BreezeJS on the ASP.NET platform. We explore how to manage multiple screens, maintain clean code with popular patterns, implement CRUD, perform robust HTML validation, and use local storage

The Future of C#

The next version of C# has been reimplemented from scratch in C#, with an open, complete, resilient and incremental language model. All IDE features are built on top of this public API and you can easily add

Finding Wasted Memory in SQL Server

Is your SQL Server wasting memory? Learn how to identify when memory is going to waste, and track down in SQL Server whether it might be due to licensing, schema problems, fragmentation, or something else.