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Microsoft Visual C# IDE Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Visual C# IDE Tips and Tricks

Come learn about a series of features and technologies available through Microsoft Visual Studio and out-of-box solutions that will make you more productive in the Visual C# IDE. Whether you’re trying to come up to speed with an unfamiliar code base, navigate your way through a large solution, write in new pieces of business logic, or test your application, these tips and tricks will help you get your job done better and faster.

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  1. roel hermans

    I also am a fan of using keyboard shortcuts a lot during development. However, they are sometimes hard to remember. A piece of paper works, but would it be possible to have a ‘keyboard shortcut helper option’ that can show a list of suggested shortcuts during development? E.g. I created a class Logger that doesn’t exits yet, a red wriggle appears and now I have to move my mouse over it to get a suggestion for the Ctrl+. shortcut; instead could you not show a list that shows the suggested shortcut(s)?

    Thanks and keep up the good work,


  2. SadButTrue

    Sad that you can’t distribute your videos simply, say, as mpg – instead you prefer unnecessary silverlight whatsoever.

    I’m just sick of all that bloating crap.

  3. admin

    Hello Dear and Courageous Anonymous User,

    This web site is a directory, as you can see in its title. We do not produce videos and therefore do not choose the format they are made available. We just try to propose what we think are interesting videos for .NET software developers. Yes, Microsoft propose them in the Silverlight format and this is not a surprise for me ;o)

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