Responsive Programming with Visual Studio

The next release of Visual Studio has a major new language feature in VB/C#, “Async”. It will make for more responsive UIs, better performing web ASP websites, better network coding, and easier use of Phone/Silverlight/Windows APIs. Come to this talk to learn how it works and how to use it effectively. Learn how the .NET framework is changing to adapt to the Task-based Asynchronous Pattern. Learn what you should be doing right now to make your code ready for Async when it gets released.

The new Async language feature is easy enough to use in common scenarios. But as the software architect or expert in your team, you’ll want to know more — what are the best design practices? where are the hidden performance bottlenecks? how can you make your own code blend seamlessly with the new ‘await’ keyword? how does it actually work under the hood? how can you stretch it in powerful ways? You’ll leave this talk an expert on async.

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