.NET Standard: The Easy Route to Platform Independence

Microsoft is moving to an open source and cross platform world, and they’ve created .NET Standard as a super-highway to get you there. With the .NET Standard 2.0 release, the specification includes most of the API’s you depend on in the .NET full framework (.NET 4.n). Because .NET Standard, .NET Core, Xamarin and UWP are all embracing this standard, your class libraries can be easily be cross platform. In this talk, you’ll learn more about the goals of .NET Standard and how it differs from PCLs (Portable Class Libraries). You’ll also see how to use the .NET Portability Analyzer to find any changes your app needs. To show that .NET Standard is not actual magic, you’ll learn a little about how redirects support binary compatibility. And, you’ll learn what happens when an API just doesn’t make sense on a particular platform and other potential pitfalls. You’ll leave this talk understanding why you care about .NET Standard and the path to move your applications to it.

Video producer: http://oredev.org/