Using Require.js in ASP.NET MVC Applications

Learn the basics of using require.js as a JavaScript module system and many of the reasons why such a framework is needed in JavaScript. It will dive into how to integrate require.js into an ASP.NET MVC application and how to minify the JavaScript using the r.js build tool.

Introduction to Windows Azure Service Bus

Clemens Vasters, Architect on the Windows Azure Service Bus team in Redmond, introduces scenarios and solutions with Windows Azure Service Bus. You will learn how to build hybrid cloud solutions and how to leverage Service Bus to bridge communication between different sites across the cloud.

Concurrent and High-Performance Programming in .NET

Get a practical overview to programming responsive and highly concurrent / parallel applications using Task Parallel Library, Async/Await and Dataflow networks in .NET. These three new additions to .NET provide a new, and when understood, much easier way to coordinate multiple tasks within your application, allowing you to focus on what you need to do […]

Getting Started with Windows Azure

This video quickly answers the question “What is Windows Azure?”. You will see how to get started with the Windows Azure SDK and tools to build your first application. You will also learn the key concepts for using Windows Azure Compute.

No More Magical Webservices with ServiceStack

Getting tired of adding services via “Add service reference”? Annoyed by the fact that the configurations are so hidden and easy to forget? Wish you could be a little bit more in control of your service channels? Now there is the option to have it all solved, enter ServiceStack, giving you the power back but […]