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Introducing ASP.NET SignalR 2

The first version of ASP.NET SignalR was released earlier this year and with it, ASP.NET developers have been adding amazing real-time Web functionality to their applications. This video explores some of the improvements in the new version

Fast .NET Development using Dependency Injection, Code First EF, and SOLID Design

Creating robust decoupled programs using C# and Visual Studio 2012 has never been easier. The biggest problem is getting an overview that mere mortals can understand. The next problem is getting practical example code that can be

Build Scalable .NET Apps on AWS

The AWS SDK for .NET and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Toolkit for Visual Studio help developers build scalable apps on AWS services. Learn how to use these tools to define app data in Amazon DynamoDB and

NServiceBus Principles

NServiceBus is thhe most popular Service Bus for .NET. It provides enterprise-grade scalability and reliability for your workflows and integrations without any messy XML configuration.

Real World API Design Using The Entity Framework Services

Learn how you can use the Entity Framework Services to design and create an API servicing layer to expose back end data to partners. We will dive into using the Entity Framework (data layer), WCF Data Services