No More Magical Webservices with ServiceStack

Getting tired of adding services via “Add service reference”? Annoyed by the fact that the configurations are so hidden and easy to forget? Wish you could be a little bit more in control of your service channels? Now there is the option to have it all solved, enter ServiceStack, giving you the power back but […]

Developing Continuous Services

Continuous services are rapidly emerging as essential ingredients of the portfolios of packaged software development and IT organizations. Continuous services enable organizations to extend the reach of their products and services at an internet scale. Whether investing in a new online delivery model for a product or enabling connected device experiences for existing solutions, continuous […]

Hypermedia and ASP.NET Web API

Building hypermedia systems these days is all the rage. Those who achieve building hypermedia systems are promised fame, success and mountains of riches. OK that’s not true! But hypermedia does help you to build systems where the client and server can evolve somewhat independently, and that is a big deal.

Dot NET Assemblies and Strong Name Signature

This article discusses .NET assemblies and strong name signature. In addition to providing some benefits like versioning and giving name uniqueness to an assembly, strong name provides a strong integrity check, and here is the point of this article! By strongly naming an assembly, you are supposed to ensure that your binary has not been […]


Creating ReST architectures with ASP.NET MVC is more than just decorating actions with verbs. It’s about leveraging HTTP as an application protocol to its full potential. In doing so, we can create robust and scalable applications, not only from a performance point of view but also in terms of change and maintainability.

Introduction to OWIN and Gate

OWIN is an open hosting specification for .NET web applications. It enables you to create web applications which are portable across hosting environments and allows application components to be composed as a pipeline of middleware. This session will give a brief overview of the rationale for OWIN and how it works, and introduces the Gate […]