Twitter Bootstrap and ASP.NET MVC

If you open Visual Studio 2013 and click “File > New Project > ASP.NET MVC”, you will notice that Twitter Bootstrap is now built in to the program. This video walks you through what that means, how it impacts your development experience and how to get the most out of Twitter Bootstrap and ASP.NET MVC […]

F# in the Open Source World

F# is a powerful open-source language which Microsoft, other companies and the F# community all contribute to. In this talk, Don Syme discusses how the “F# space” has recently opened up significantly in interesting ways. F# now includes contributions that range from Cloud IDE platforms, Cloud Compute frameworks, Data interoperability components, Cross-platform execution, Try F#, […]

Refactoring .NET Legacy Code Bases

Not everyone has the possibility of working on Greenfield projects or doing TDD or BDD. Many of us often end up having to work with legacy code bases that have little notion of what SOLID design principles are and unit tests are non-existent.