Security and Configuration Wizards for ASP.NET Projects

Web sites and applications can often benefit from integration with existing identity providers, allowing users to authenticate without creating new credentials. This video reviews a new wizard in Visual Studio 2013 for configuring security around ASP.NET sites in this fashion. You’ll see how easy it is to integrate your application with Windows Azure Active Directory, […]

Concurrent Applications with F# Agents

To build today’s responsive and scalable applications, developers need to start leveraging asynchronous programming methods. During this talk, we’ll explore how developers can easily use the F# agent-based programming model, which is based upon the actor concurrency model first made popular in Erlang, to simply and quickly build concurrent applications.

C# Cross Platform Mobile with Xamarin

Cross platform mobile development is the holy grail of development right now. In this talk we’ll examine strategies and patterns for maximizing code re-use when building native cross-platform mobile applications in C# with Xamarin that reuse back end code while still using platform-specific UX and taking advantage of platform-specific features.

AngularJS and ASP .NET MVC Quickstart

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that enables provides features such as two-way databinding and templating. It enables you to build awesomely responsive user interfaces while avoiding big-ball-of-mud JavaScript implementations. This session explains how to get started with AngularJS and provides a broad view of many of the features and concepts that make this library ever […]

Positioning Microsoft Development Technologies for Custom Application Development

The approach for every type of application (“A single architecture/approach to rule them all”) won’t work. The Microsoft development stack and .NET are extremely flexible and offer many possibilities, but you have to select specific approaches and technologies depending on what kind of application or even subsystem you are going to build. Each application will […]

Sharing C# Across Windows, Android and iOS

1.4 Million new Android devices are activated every day. 500 Million iOS devices sold. You can target all of them today from your existing C# skills and code using MvvmCross. MvvmCross is a Mvvm Platform for Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, WindowsPhone, WindowsStore, WPF and Mac. It includes databinding support for Android XML, for iOS XIBs and for […]