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Dealing With Singletons in .NET Unit Testing

This video discusses singletons, and when to use them.The Singleton is a well-known pattern in software. It’s got a lot of bad reputation too, since it makes testing more difficult. It has even come to being called

Web Performance and Load Testing with VS2012 Ultimate

This video introduces the web performance and load testing capabilities provided in VS2012 Ultimate. You will walk through a scenario using a fictional online storefront where your goal is to model and analyze its performance.

Implementing Test-Driven Development in C#

This video explains what Test-Driven Development (TDD) is and how to implement TDD in C#. We will be using VSTS ( visual studio team system) unit testing framework.

Unit Testing Windows Store Apps

We know that effective automated developer testing is a cornerstone of successful app development. In Visual Studio 2012, we have enabled developers to use modern, agile techniques for developing and testing Windows Store apps written in C#/VB.

Load Testing Applications in Visual Studio 2012

This short tutorial shows you how to perform load testing of your application directly in Visual Studio 2012.