Software Testing Archive

Debugging Windows Applications

This video uncovers the secrets of Windows/CLR theory and demonstrates powerful and freely available tools such as Windbg that help you troubleshoot software related problems with rapid turnaround. In this introductory session, emphasis is placed on introducing

Exploratory Testing in Visual Studio 2010

This video describes how you can use Visual Studio Test Pro 2010 to aid your exploratory testing. For example, you can automatically create test cases From the list of bugs created in the session for appropriate bugs

Using ApprovalTests in .Net with MsTest

This video explains how to instal ApprovalTests from nuget to use with MsTest framework.

Profiling .NET Applications with dotTrace Performance

Learn how you can use dotTrace Performance to take performance snapshots of different types of .NET applications in different scenarios. This video covers local and remote profiling, available techniques and meter kinds that can be used in

NUnit and Visual C#

A short tutorial on how to use NUnit with Visual C#.