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Continuous Delivery in the .NET World

Continuous Delivery is not new. But Continuous Delivery with .NET is a shockingly sparse topic with few case studies to compare against (or steal from). This session outlines the .NET delivery pipeline I helped build, troubleshoot and

Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio and Azure

Visual Studio Online provides a compelling solution for building your code in the cloud and automatically deploying your solution to Azure. In this session we will dive deep into how this works for three common types of

Release Management with TeamCity and OctopusDeploy

Many of us have one or more manual steps in our deploy and release processes. This leads to a lot of time spent waiting for the right people to do the job. Also, errors often occur due

Build and Deployment of .NET Applications with Jenkins

This talk addresses the challenge of replacing with Jenkins the tools used for building and deploying a .NET application: CruiseControl.NET, ControlTier, Windows-scheduled tasks and batch scripts. Add to this inherent complexity an ever-changing environment and the need

Continuous Deployment for ASP .NET

This video explains the concept of Continuous Deployment and how companies like kaChing, flickr and IMVU are deploying new code changes to production upto 50 times a day and as a result delivering huge amounts of value