Abusing C#

We’ve all seen bad code. Code worthy of the Daily WTF. Code which makes us wonder how products ever ship, let alone work. Bad code is boring. Evil code is entirely different. It’s bending a language in ways that would make the designers weep. It’s code which you stare at and swear that it can’t […]

Faking Homoiconicity in C# with Graphs

Some languages (most notably LISPs) exhibit a characteristic called Homoiconicity, which means that code is data and data is code. This makes a language very powerful because a program can inspect and manipulate itself. C# isn’t a homoiconic language, but using formalized object graphs, it’s often possible to formulate a problem in such a way […]

C# on a Diet with scriptcs

Have you ever found times where you just want to write and execute some C# code and you ask yourself Do I really need an IDE? a solution? a project? a class? Do I really need to compile? Why do I have to worry about all these dlls? If you’ve done any development with dynamic […]

Facade Design Pattern in C#

This video present the Facade design pattern in C#. The facade pattern (or fa├žade pattern) is a software design pattern used with object-oriented programming that provides a simplified interface to a larger body of code, such as a class library.

Windows Store Apps Showdown – C# vs JavaScript

Watch an intense live coding session where the same Windows Store App is created using two different languages, C# and JavaScript. It will be highlighting and comparing similarities and differences in a rather entertaining split personality type of way. Meet Miss C# and Mister JS as they show of their way of doing things.