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Sharing C# Across Windows, Android and iOS

1.4 Million new Android devices are activated every day. 500 Million iOS devices sold. You can target all of them today from your existing C# skills and code using MvvmCross. MvvmCross is a Mvvm Platform for Xamarin.iOS,

Fundamentals of C# Programming – Algorithms and Complexity

This video discusses the algorithms complexity and data structures efficiency in C#. Your will learn to understand the algorithms complexity and asymptotic notation. This presentation also discusses the fundamental data structures and how to choose the right

Connecting to MongoDB with C#

This short video explains how to set up a connection to MongoDB with C#. MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database.

Abusing C#

We’ve all seen bad code. Code worthy of the Daily WTF. Code which makes us wonder how products ever ship, let alone work. Bad code is boring. Evil code is entirely different. It’s bending a language in

Faking Homoiconicity in C# with Graphs

Some languages (most notably LISPs) exhibit a characteristic called Homoiconicity, which means that code is data and data is code. This makes a language very powerful because a program can inspect and manipulate itself. C# isn’t a