C# on a Diet with scriptcs

Have you ever found times where you just want to write and execute some C# code and you ask yourself Do I really need an IDE? a solution? a project? a class? Do I really need to compile? Why do I have to worry about all these dlls? If you’ve done any development with dynamic […]

Facade Design Pattern in C#

This video present the Facade design pattern in C#. The facade pattern (or fa├žade pattern) is a software design pattern used with object-oriented programming that provides a simplified interface to a larger body of code, such as a class library.

Windows Store Apps Showdown – C# vs JavaScript

Watch an intense live coding session where the same Windows Store App is created using two different languages, C# and JavaScript. It will be highlighting and comparing similarities and differences in a rather entertaining split personality type of way. Meet Miss C# and Mister JS as they show of their way of doing things.

Why C++ is Better Than C#

This video explains in language that a C# guy can understand, what is cool about C++. It explains: Templates vs Generics, Libraries, C++ AMP, C# Bottlenecks/Pitfalls, Unit Testing — Testing code with code, Bad Habits with Clients, Visual Studio, Writing for iPhones/iPads.